Unwashed Assortment

These products are fresh and field packed within a few hours from the harvest. They are extremely versatile and can be displayed in the point of sale out of the fridge. They don’t require expiration date on the label allowing an optimization of wastes and shelf life. Available in two formats: 100g or 125g both conventional and organic in order to meet consumers’ and distribution’s requirements. These products are provided with dedicated carboard boxes, which help enhancing the content and guarantee a faster turn over.

Why Cultiva unwashed
packed salads?

These products, just like all our assortment, gather our “commitment”: to give shape to a sustainable future. Our unwashed packed salads follow our circular business model targetted to a carbon neutrality along the supply chain, from the field to the final consumer.

Cultiva Commitment

Cultiva commitment goes beyond the field. In our plant we adopt sustainable solutions such as the use of renewable energy sources (such as solar power) and a responsible use of water: it takes only 1.33 litres of water to properly wash 100g of product.

Cultiva mode: recycling

All our packaging is made of polypropylene (PP), a 100% recyclable material, allowing a double digit saving in plastic use compared to previous ones.

Unwashed Line

Baby Green Leaf
Baby green leaf
100g | 125g
Wild rocket, baby green leaf, baby red leaf, baby spinach
100g | 125g
Wild Rocket
Wild rocket
100g | 125g
Baby Spinach
Baby spinach
100g | 125g
Lamb’s Lettuce
Lamb’s lettuce
100g | 125g
Organic Baby Green Leaf
Organic baby green leaf
100g | 125g
Organic Mesclun
Organic wild rocket, organic baby green leaf, organic baby red leaf, organic baby spinach
100g | 125g
Organic Wild Rocket
Organic wild rocket
100g | 125g
Organic Lamb’s Lettuce
Organic lamb’s lettuce
100g | 125g
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