We are shaping agriculture.

Cultiva is a global leader in the production of fruits and vegetables, which specializes in providing quality raw product for the fresh value added processing industry as well as innovative, value added and commodity products for the retail trade.

Strategically located worldwide, Cultiva grows and distributes product in Italy, the United Kingdom and the Unites States of America.


About Cultiva

Cultiva is much more than a new name and brand. It is a holistic approach to a new, global business model which seeks to add value at every point in global channels of distribution and production.

In making this transition we will focus our mission and vision of the company to reflect our thinking behind choosing Cultiva as our new name.

Some delicious radicchio

Cultivate (quality products and long term relationships)

Unite (global growers with the global market place)

Leverage (knowledge, resources and relationships)

Technology (utilize the latest in AG Technology to add value to everything we do)

Innovate (continue to introduce new, healthy, and beneficial products to the market place)

Value Driven (strive to add value for our growers and customers worldwide)

Action (proactive in our stewardship and sustainability practices – taking care of our world)

Global Location Markets Served Customer Focus Business Function
Italy Italy, Central Europe, Russia Retail, Fresh Food Processors Growing, Processing and marketing
United States U.S., Canada, Japan Retail, Fresh Food Processors Growing and marketing
United Kingdom UK, Holland, Scandinavia, France, Denmark Fresh Food Processors Marketing and distribution

Gruppo Cultiva is committed to a continued focus on:

  • The production of baby leaf, chicory items and whole head products
  • The supply of key global salad processors
  • The transformation of agricultural products into innovative and convenient products consumers will delight in
  • The recognition that being a good steward of our planet is not an option, it is our obligation
Some delicious frisee