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Who we are.

We are a leading global company for the fresh-cut. We operate at a worldwide level taking pride in our Italian roots.

We invest in Research and Development in order to guarantee top quality products and to play a vital role in strategy development for our partners. Our affection for the earth is powerful and limitless.

We produce in the USA, Mexico and all over Italy, which is the real beating hearth of our group and headquarters of our fresh-cut department.

Our group
and partners.

and competence.

We started up in Chioggia (Veneto), then moved to the USA, then in England and Sweden, before coming back to Italy in 2005 to start up again. Our business stems from the love of agriculture handed down from father to son. It’s all about respect and passion for being Italian, for quality and challanges faced with professionality and competence.


Everything began when my brothers and I decided to restart our father’s business activity, the production of radicchio, using and improving my abilities, which I learnt during my career as an export manager in Africa.

I had an idea of my own and I decided to go to the USA in 1987 to see if I could make it work; I wanted to evaluate market potential and opportunities, which seemed to be optimal, for our Italian specialty. Giancarlo Boscolo,
Gruppo Cultiva CEO


Our arrival
in the USA.

Giancarlo Boscolo brings radicchio to Georgia, USA.


Royal Rose

Royal Rose takes radicchio to the States for a new market: the fresh-cut.


The creation
of MB Produce.

MB Produce, then Cultiva EU, is created in order to bring our expertise in the fresh-cut to the UK.


Top sales
in the USA.

The production of radicchio peaks across California, Arizona, Chile and Florida. 1700 hectares of radicchio cultivation.


Baby leaf
in the UK.

First baby leaf cultivations in Italy for the UK market.


OP Valle Padana’s

Valle Padana producers Organization, then Cultiva: for the first time, the agricultural activities are organized under a central guide.


Our facility
in Taglio di Po.

This facility opens in order to bring the fresh-cut experience and food safety standards from the UK to the Italian market.


with Valfrutta.

We started our collaboration with Gruppo Conserve Italia (Valfrutta Fresco) to develop and innovate in the Italian fresh-cut market.


of our Taglio di Po

We expanded our Taglio di Po facility in order to deal with the increase in production.


Joint venture with
Taylor Farms.

The objective of the joint venture with Taylor Farms is to test the potential of protected baby leaf production on the American East Coast.


Our first greenhouse
facility in Florida.

Our first greenhouse facility in Florida, came about thanks to the joint venture with Taylor Farms. 800 greenhouses for the production of baby leaf.


City farming

Beginning of city farming in collaboration with Philips in Eindhoven.