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As cultivers, we believe it is our duty to contribute in creating a virtuous supply chain. We want to be leader of innovation ‘in the field’, revolutionizing the stereotype of the old style farmer with the one of “tech and sensor” grower, launching the agriculture 4.0 concept. We are real farmers, investing towards a common project: shaping a new agriculture, just like our pay off says, aiming towards circular sustainability. For many years, we’ve been developing field trials for retailers where we test, starting from the seed, new and unique plant varieties for their premium packed salad assortment. We are firmly convinced that in the supply chain, distribution is the essential part of the whole process. We do have a long experience in this kind of collaborations, willing to share our know-how.


This project can be integrated among the activities to direct crops to carbon neutrality. Viride is a software that simulates the growth and development of vegetables farming to forecast performances (in terms of quantities and date of harvesting) and optimize the planning process in the Fresh cut supply chain. It has been developed in partnership with Michigan State University (USA).



It is a project which has been studied to avoid, in an automized way, weeds’ germination without using any plant chemical protection products.
The aim is to obtain zero residue farming.



Dewatering is the process we use to remove water in excess from the surfaces of fresh vegetables and therefore extend their shelf life without using any additives or preservatives.

Our new system, completely customized for Cultiva, is designed to dry even the most delicate baby leaves in a natural way and without mechanical stress to achieve higher product quality.