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BIO 4.0:


Cultiva  is  committed  to  increasing  organic  cultivations  and  to  contribute,  in  a  positive  way,  in  terms of social and environmental impact. This means to invest human and economic resources in order to make this process more sustainable for everyone. For this reason, we have a dedicated Agronomic Innovation department that supports, through technology and innovations, the needs of our grower base.

Technology and accurate agronomics are key partners in allowing, in organic production, the same efficiencies, yields and quality that you’d get in conventional production where the use of synthetic chemicals is allowed. We’re specialized in the study and trial of different techniques and exclusive machinery made in Cultiva, which include the use of artificial intelligence and digital technologies. For this we can call our organic production “il Bio 4.0”.  


Seeds: in partnership with  leading  seed  companies,  in  order  to  test  new  seed  varieties,  we organize field trials to select best suitable seeds, the key element for a good organic crop. 

Focused covered crop: organic means to let nature doing its path, so we got specialized in the creation of focused covered crop. This is an ancient agronomic technique that allows rotations, preserves organic matter and brings nitrogen into the soil.   


To eliminate all the substances which are not naturally derived, our Agronomic Innovation department has also  tried out new anti-insect nets, to stop small insects to get in. Even if closed, there is a good air recycling to prevent diseases in particular the fungal ones.


We have drawn up an exclusive and completely biodegradable mulching cellulose paper to stop weeds growth without the use of pesticides. Paper sowing machine: simultaneously to the paper project, we have developed an exclusive piece of machinery to lay down paper and sow at the same time to get Zero residue crops.


Organic means letting nature take its course. We have therefore specialized in the creation of targeted green manures, resulting from scientific literature studies. Green manuring is an ancient agronomic practice that buries one crop and then sows it on top of another. The underground crop, full of nitrogen from the atmosphere, will fix it in the ground, making it naturally available for crops planted in succession.

Producing Organic in Cultiva means to put efforts and soul to make this productive methodology the most effective and sustainable as possible for producers. Only placing, side by side, the real innovation and organic agriculture, we can reach solid sustainability results.